Our Philosophy and Goal : Our staff strives to maximize every child's potential for development and learning in a safe, healthy and nurturing environment.  Each child will be recognized as an individual with specific abilities and needs that will impact their development and learning.

Mickie's Child Care Center offers infant care and children from 6 weeks up to 12 years old. Mickie's offer a referral program for parents. One very special perk is the sick room. Once a child is sick, the staff will bring your child to the isolation room so that the child can receive individual care and other children in the center will not be exposed to a potential illness. Mickie's memos is their monthly newsletter for parents to keep them up to date on projects, news, and events. Spring is a time for things to grow and so is Mickie's garden, to teach children how things grow and care for the plants. Each morning the Mickie's Child Care will raise the flag and say the pledge of allegiance.
         CHILDREN COMES FIRST!!! The owners have ALWAYS believed in Children's safety is everything.  They have both lived their lives for the children. This is just one more avenue to show the love of children and for the safety and well-being for our future adults.
Janet has over 50 years’ experience as a Pediatric Nurse in which 30 years was as a Nurse Practitioner.  She has trained Central Ohio child
care providers for over 30 years for all certified health trainings. She
is also a founding member of "The Kids Team" in Licking County, (this
is an advocate group for children who have been abused and/or neglected)
as well as the nurse on the child abuse team for Franklin County. 

Theresa had a home child care center for 5 years.  She has the back
ground for over 20 years as a business owner in the staffing, catering
and concierge industry. She also has been working as the office manager
and sales manager for the commercial construction industry for 8 years. In 1999
she started a non-profit to advocate for the safety of children in sports.

Janet McCleery RN/Owner

Theresa Smith CFO/Owner

The Staff

  1. Machaela Floater
    Machaela Floater
  2. Taylor
  3. Anne
  4. Krista Director
    Krista Director
  5. Kristen Infant Teacher
    Kristen Infant Teacher
  6. Toni Infant Teacher
    Toni Infant Teacher
  7. Shaniqua Preschool Teacher
    Shaniqua Preschool Teacher
  8. Jordan Preschool Teacher
    Jordan Preschool Teacher
  9. Micheal Cook/Driver
    Micheal Cook/Driver
  10. Deja Infant Teacher
    Deja Infant Teacher
  11. Caroline Pre-K Teacher
    Caroline Pre-K Teacher
  12. Kourtney Toddler Teacher
    Kourtney Toddler Teacher